Innovative sphagnum products

We select our Grades very carefully and are always looking for innovative and new ways to provide you with more cost effective Sphagnum Moss products.

Give us your feedback and we will try to work with you.

We are constantly evaluating and developing NEW packing styles to suit the requirements of the Farmer or Orchid Grower as well as the Hobbyist, the Homemaker and the enthusiastic Home Gardener.


We produce three main grades of Sphagnum Moss:
  • 5 Star – For specialised Orchid producers Long length and green and white coloured fibres are the main selection criteria for this Sphagnum Moss grade. (The green colour fades to white three to four weeks after harvest time.)
  • 3 Star - Our most economical grade for Orchid growing Very similar to 5 Star grade but slightly shorter in length and slightly browner in colour. (Again please note the green colour fades over time. See above.) This grade is also popular for use in producing Topiary Art figures.
  • Moss Leaf or Chopped Fiber – A Specially made grade for the Soil Mixing Industry An additive designed to increase the desirable properties of Peat based soil mixes. The addition of Sphagnum Moss Leaf to these mixes will improve aeration, reduce compaction and improve the friability of the mix. Water holding capacity is increased and this also results in reducing the requirement to irrigate so frequently and therefore helps to reduce production costs.


Lower transport costs can be achieved by replacing the Traditional packing styles with our NEW MODERN INNOVATIVE PACKING styles for Sphagnum Moss.
  • 5 kilo Bag The 5kg bag is very competitively priced. It is very convenient to handle and store because of its smaller size. Prior to using the 5kg bag just cut the plastic bag away and soak the whole pack overnight in a large drum (or pail) of fresh water and you can have the best quality of Sphagnum Moss at even lower prices.
  • Printed Retail Bags We also pack Sphagnum Moss in pre-printed moss bags for retail sales in Garden Shops and Supermarkets. You provide us with your company design and specific artwork and we will get the printed bags made into 1kg, 500 gram and 150gram bag sizes as you require.
As you will see, Sphagnum Moss is no longer a luxury item. If you buy your Sphagnum Moss supplies from us you and your plants can enjoy all the benefits of using freshly picked Sphagnum Moss at a reasonable price. Your PLANTS will LOVE you for it. We are happy to offer all these pack sizes to both the Large Orchid Farmer and the Hobbyist or the Home Gardener alike. Just contact us and we will arrange a quote for either 20’ foot or 40 foot container loads of Sphagnum Moss.


Our golden Sphagnum Moss starter squares allows extremely fast and uniform potting of the baby Orchid plants. This results in consistent plant growth and high plant health and vigour as a result of using the golden Sphagnum Moss starter squares in this potting technique. Our factory can make most sizes to satisfy your unique requirements. Just contact us and inform us what size and weight of Golden Sphagnum Moss starter square you require. The most common size is currently 3cm x 3cm and the 3cm x 4cm sizes. Contact us for prices and more information on this item.
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