Sphagnum moss harvested sustainably in Chile

Dependable supply
You can depend on us for a dependable supply of quality Sphagnum Moss. Both large and small wholesalers and producers regularly and confidently buy from us. Our moss products are uniform, clean and dry and we package sphagnum moss in world-class innovative, ways.
In commercial quantities
Our employees harvest golden moss from the remarkable, pristine swamps of Southern Chile and bring it directly to our factory for processing. It is cleaned, dried and packaged, then exported directly to you! We are able to maintain quality and sustainability all the way.
Sustainable harvesting
Your moss is harvested sustainably. We gather moss responsibly from the swamps of Southern Chile, and carefully maintain the supply of this precious commodity, to make sure the next generation will have abundant quantities of this gold sphagnum moss to pass on to growers world wide.

Our Production Facilities
are located in the 10th Region of Chile,
near Puerto Varas, which is ideally suitable
for access to pristine swamps.

We are a leading innovator in sustainable sphagnum moss production

Our range of packing styles and moss products has been copied all around the world.

We harvest in the Decima Region, which includes Chiloe Island.

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